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Climate Change and Biodiversity
Land Use Intensity / Habitats Fragmentation and Biodiversity
Change in Infrastructure and Biodiversity

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V.Prydatko (EEBIO Project management, analytics, English translation, web-service), A.Petrochenko and A.Ischuk (web- and GIS-programming), V.Dubrovsky (web-programming), I.Koretsky (system administration), Yu.Shtepa (remote sensing data processing), G.Kolomytcev (GIS-mapping), A.Kozlova (GIS-mapping), A.Kalynychenko (GIS-mapping, analytics, English translation), Ye.Prokopchuk (English translation), Y.Apetova (assistance, English translation).

EEBIO Searchable Service Citation (examples):
1) Part 1: Most Visible Changes in Freshwater and Coastal Ecosystems Surface for 1928-2004 Based on Overlapping of a Map for 1928/ EEBIO Searchable Service - /services/eebio/is/index.asp. Kyiv: ULRMC, 2006. (EEBIO map compiler: V.Prydatko.) 2) Pinus sylvestris / EEBIO Searchable Service - /services/eebio/is/index.asp. Kyiv: ULRMC, 2006. (EEBIO map compiler: A.Kalynichenko).


Expressed in the Searchable Service opinions belong to the author(s) and may contradict opinions of non-governmental and international organizations etc. Cartographic and other information on world countries has cognitive and comparative meaning and is related only to the considered topic.

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Ecoregions of Ukraine
Ukraine: ecoregions and indicative ag species

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